Mission & vision

Power2Fly supports social initiatives in Brazil aimed at guiding underprivileged children. Power2Fly is currently working closely with ASAS, a local partner located in the north of the island of Florianopolis.

We help ASAS professionalize their organization and we provide financial assistance. As a result, ASAS is able to take care of underprivileged children and teenagers outside of school hours.

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The guidance of children and teenagers (between 7 and 15 years old) is aimed at them completing school and developing themselves on social, emotional, cultural, and sportive terms. Besides that, we also work with ASAS to improve family relationships. This leads to an increase in social cohesion, involvement and safety in the living environment. This way, we stimulate and inspire youngsters to build on a full social existence.

Our team

The board of Power2Fly consists of three persons: Liduine Madlener (chairman), Annette de Zoeten-Bergstra (treasurer), and Margot Maertens (secretary). Together we apply for funds, acquire donors, organize events and supervise volunteers and interns.

Angélique van der Horst helps us with the writing of newsletters and other texts. Edwin Puijpe controls the cash flow as well as guiding us through the entire construction process. We do our work completely unpaid.


Our partner: ASAS

The current board of ASAS consists of three persons: Juliana (chairman), Karin (vice-chairman) and Emerson (financial director). Together they manage the employees of ASAS, both paid employees and volunteers. In addition, they are responsible for arranging the current documents for the piece of land and the construction of the new building. All three are volunteers (required by the law) and have a full-time job in addition to this busy task.

Inspiration is good, but not enough. To really give wings to the children in deprived areas, Power2Fly is currently working together with ASAS, a Brazilian foundation that focuses on children and teenagers aged 6 to 15 who live in deprived areas on the northern part of Florianopolis.

ASAS team

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The children and teenagers that ASAS focuses on often come from broken families. Usually they have received almost no structure and love from home. ASAS gives the children the feeling that they are not alone and makes them stronger, more resilient. Schools in the districts and CRAS (a local organization that provides social assistance) know best which children/teenagers need help the most. That is why they select the people for ASAS.

What does ASAS offer?

In addition to homework guidance, ASAS offers the 80 registered youngsters a variety of creative and sport activities, such as hockey, capoeira, dance, duathlon and painting. Attention is also paid to the environment. A coordinator carefully plans the programme and the children.

A social worker is employed to support the children and to strengthen the bond between the children and their parents, as well as the children and their school. In addition, a psychologist is available to support the children who encounter emotional problems. It is not surprising that these children have had traumatic experiences in their young lives.


Due to the wide range of activities being offered, ASAS almost always manages to ensure that these children and teenagers finish school, develop social skills, strengthen their family ties, and live life with more respect, dignity and perseverance. 

Our ambassadors

> Bruno Sousa, top hockey player

Bruno Sousa is from Brazil, but has played hockey at a high level in the Netherlands for years. After several clubs, more in the east and center of the country, he now works for LOHC Leiden and hockey club Pijnacker. His dream? Participate in the Olympics. That has been his main motivation since he was 8 years old. And since the age of 14 he has done everything he can in order to realize that dream as a hockey player or as a hockey coach.

ambassadeur van Power2Fly Bruno Sousa
ambassadeur van Power2Fly Bruno Sousa

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He had almost succeeded: just before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, he was forced to drop out of the Brazilian team with a hand injury. But Bruno keeps pushing. The three tattoos on his right arm tell how he stands in life: Dedicated, Work Hard and Follow Your Dreams. His affinity with Power2Fly fits in seamlessly with this: “I believe in dreams, because dreams take you further. Without dreams I would never be where I am now…”

> Eric en Melina Botteghin, top footballer and his spouse

Feyenoord footballer Eric Botteghin and his wife both have a Brazilian background. They already knew each other when they started primary school. Although it wasn’t until Melina was 17 that they started dating. The football career took the couple to the far Europe, but their love for Brazil remained strong.

ambassadeurs van Power2Fly Eric en Melina Botteghin
ambassadeurs van Power2Fly Eric en Melina Botteghin

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 That is why they wholeheartedly support Power2Fly: “I have everything here. A beautiful life. I see the situation of these people. If I can give something back, I gladly do so.” Eric Botteghin, as a central defender, was one of the key players of Feyenoord’s championship in 2016. He suffered several injuries, but faith and his enormous willpower kept him going. In addition, he always keeps an eye for his fellow human beings. Recently he said at TV Rijnmond: “I think you are a good person if you help other people…”

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wij met onze ambassadeurs

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