Newsletter December 2021

23 December 2021

Successful Christmas Action

Fortunately , thanks to many donators of Power2Fly, ASAS managed to organize a very beautiful Christmas Event. All the children were allowed to choose a nice present and the parents received an extensive food package to be able to celebrate Christmas in a decent way.

Besides, there was an exposition of Project Maker: a technological project for the group of older children. They love to do this kind of work.
There was even another exposition: the drawings the children made for a book that will be printed next year. The text will be delivered by a Brazilian writer and the ASAS-children are responsible for the illustrations.
We will let you know as soon as it will be ready!

Again some building bumps taken

ASAS has been really busy with the construction on the new site. Some big bumps had to be taken. When finally the townhall started cleaning the land, the residents of the neighboorhood started to complain. They were against the cutting of the trees, afraid that animals would be killed, afraid that a construction company would erect big buildings and afraid of all those kids from the poor areas.
Their complaints were widely reported on social media and even our big donator Wild Goose got an email. Very sad, especially because it consisted mainly of fake news.

Fortunately we could refute everything pretty quickly. For example, an impact study had been carried out on the trees (see later in the Newsletter). ASAS had a meeting with the residents and explained the course of events. Peace has returned (for the time being…) and the first steps towards our own accommodation have been taken.

The impact study about the trees

Below you can find the complete impact-study on the trees. With many thanks to the Brazilian Guilherme Monteiro who studied sustainability at a Dutch university.

Your support is and will be really important: tips to help structurally

Any kind of support is very welcome to us. Brazil has become more expensive. With the construction the number of children we can support is growing, so we will need more financial leeway. A nice idea is to support us monthly or yearly. Because we are an ANBI foundation, there are possibilities to make it tax deductible. Want to know more?
Send an email to

The lucky cards are still for sale!

Order them now

They are back! Last year, our gift cards with Brazilian lucky ribbons were a resounding success. Within 3 months, our entire stock was sold out. And rightly so: because what is nicer to give than a gift that makes someone in the Netherlands and in Brazil happier?

The idea is simple: we have cards with 1, 2 or 3 lucky ribbons (for €15, €25 or €50). You give such a card to yourself or someone else. The proceeds will go entirely to the projects of Power2Fly and thus… to children in Brazil who desperately need our help.

There is literally and figuratively a beautiful Brazilian story attached to the cards: tie a band around someone’s wrist, let that person make a wish and when the band falls off, the wish is fulfilled. Feel free to order more than one: then you can pass on a whole lot of happiness.
Send an email to:

Braziliaanse cadeaukaart

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