Newsletter December 2023

6 December 2023

Happy with your commitment!

According to Professor Sara Kinsbergen, the beauty of a small organisation like Power2Fly is the personal, the flexible, the small and the fast. On top of that, ‘a small club’ is often much more transparent to donors. We too make every effort to keep you regularly informed about our activities and initiatives. Hence, you receive this newsletter. However. we can imagine that after reading the articles you may think: ‘Hey, this could be different and better’, or ‘I have an idea!’. Because we are so small, we are of course always open to that. So: don’t hesitate to contact us!

Looking back on a wonderful trip to Brazil

We could talk for hours about the trip we took to Brazil last autumn. But the images really say it all. In the video below, you can enjoy all the activities, the beautiful vegetable garden we were able to build thanks to a donor, the planting of the trees we were able to buy with your help, the new water system that was built thanks to the Stichting Katholieke Wezenverzorging, and the running track and bicycle shed that came about thanks to Stichting KaNS. Watch and enjoy!

We also got a lovely message from Patrica and Michiel who were with us:

Our first visit to Asas made a big impression. You can immediately see the professionalism, unconditional dedication of the board, teachers and other staff members in the eyes of the children. What we find very clever is that the Asas team has managed to make an oasis of warmth and attention for the children. There is food and drink. Safety. And you can learn new things in a fun way. A place where they can just be children. Great.

De ins en outs van de reis naar onze partner ASAS

2024: a youth trip and an elderly trip

A first, you could call it: in October or November 2024, Power2Fly is organising – in addition to the now traditional donor trip – also a trip for young people to Brazil. We still have a few spots left for both trips, who wants to come along? Let us know if you are interested, because full = full.

As most of you know, every year we go on a trip to Brazil with a group of interested people and donors. There, we meet our partner ASAS and try to get to know as many facets of the foundation as possible. We also go accompanied to the neighbourhood where many of the children live. This often makes an impression because it is there that you become aware of the necessity of our initiative. Of course, we also take trips around the island and the meals are well taken care of and enjoyable.

For October or November 2024, we are offering 2 trips:

  • the now well-known (and very successful) week with donors.
  • plus a week with a group of young people: between 20-30.

Participants pay (and book) the round trip themselves. The rest, such as car hire, activities, food and drinks, we will split the cost on a joint basis.
Do you have a particular talent or fun activity you want to bring in? Then feel free to suggest it.
VOL = VOL so be quick!

Liduine is organising the trip together with Tess van der Blink, who introduced herself in the previous newsletter.

Join our Christmas campaign!

Selected for local hockey team

All activities for the young people have a clear goal: we want to give them new perspectives for the future with sports, games and visual education. This is why we are thrilled that three young people were allowed to join the local club’s adult hockey team for the first time. For this, they went 700 km away by bus to São Paulo for an indoor tournament.

What they thought of it themselves? These quotes speak for themselves:

This was a great experience with beautiful people; it was a start of a new phase in my life. In the beginning, it was difficult and I was afraid of not doing well, but with the support, help and encouragement of my fellow players, I overcame my fear and it went great.

I learnt new things, met new people. Had a huge amount of fun. I was a goalkeeper for the first time and I loved the responsibility I felt!

Support our projects every month or annually?

Any support is very welcome. Life in Brazil has become more expensive and our new accommodation will soon have room for more children and young people. So we will also need more financial leeway. A great idea is to support us monthly or annually. As we are an ANBI foundation, there are opportunities to make it tax-deductible. Want to know more? Send an email to

Fortune Cards: always special

Order them right away and give someone else a ribbon!

They are still there! And what could be better to give away than a gift that will make someone in the Netherlands and in Brazil happier?

The idea is simple: we have cards with 1, 2 or 3 lucky ribbons (for €15 or €25 or €50). You give such a card away to yourself or someone else. All proceeds will benefit Power2Fly’s projects and thus… children in Brazil who desperately need our help.

There is literally and figuratively a beautiful Brazilian story attached to the cards: tie a band around someone’s wrist, let them make a wish and if the band falls off the wrist, the wish will be fulfilled. Feel free to order more than one: then you can pass on another batch of good luck. Send an e-mail to:

Braziliaanse cadeaukaart

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