Newsletter January 2023

23 January 2023

Wishing you a beautiful 2023!

First of all, we would like to wish everyone (although a bit late) a wonderful, fruitful, compassionate, respectful and above all healthy 2023. May the world become a little calmer. And may we, with Power2Fly, once again undertake many wonderful actions. Together with you, we hope to give many children a different future perspective.

Christmas with presents and a fun party

This year again, ASAS organised a beautiful Christmas party. Many of you contributed to it. Thank you for that! Thanks to the donations, beautiful kits could be bought: a gift for each child and food items and special ingredients for a festive meal for the families.
And besides the kits – despite the rainy weather – there was more to celebrate. A festive day was organised with games and performances.

The beauty of a small foundation is that you can also thank everyone who helps personally. Every child made a beautiful drawing: all donors have now received one!

A small overview of the many ‘thank yous’ sent out

Holland meets Brazil

In December, the Van der Zee family was on holiday to Brazil: the younger guard also visited ASAS participated in activities with the children. How wonderful that is! For the Dutch children, another great moment to realise what happiness it is if you are born in a certain nest, and for the children of ASAS a treat to get all that attention.

Liduine also visited ASAS with two other young people: Bart Puijpe, whose father is closely involved with Power2Fly, and Tommy Powell, whose mother did a lot for ASAS when they lived in Florianopolis. Nice to see that these young people too were really impressed by what Power2Fly has achieved with ASAS .

ASAS activities

To the cinema for the first time

To do something nice for Christmas, the local cinema provided tickets for the youngsters of ASAS. The children didn’t know what hit them! Most had never been to a cinema before. A special, beautiful and new experience.

Brazilian art auctioned

To provide for their own fundraising, some artists provided works that were auctioned online. A fantastic and wonderful initiative with a very nice result! And what’s more important: this showed ASAS that they can achieve a lot extra with creative ideas!

Author visiting!

A local writer – with the help of some children from ASAS – has written a children’s book: the children helped tremendously with the layout. The author personally came to ASAS to read aloud and hand out autographs.

Our accommodation gets more and more beautiful

The new accomodation is already in use but not quite ready. A canopy still needs to be installed, the playground still needs to be built and the vegetable garden still needs to be laid out. Some of the money we have in reserve, but…. we can always use additional donations, of course!

Substantial progress

Besides personal initiatives, other foundations also support us, such as the KaNS Foundation. These have supported us with the construction of the running, walking and cycling track. These are already in full use for triathlon classes!

Travel with us?

Are you also interested in seeing Power2Fly’s work in Brazil? Let us know soon because there is a limited number of places available. It will probably be November 2023 and if people respond quickly, we can fix the date. If you have any questions, please email

Support our project every month or year

Any support is very welcome for us. Brazil has become more expensive and our new accommodation will soon have room for more children and young people. So we will also need more financial leeway. A great idea is to support us monthly or annually. As we are an ANBI foundation, there are opportunities to make it tax-deductible. Want to know more? Send an email to

Fortune cards: always special!

Order them right away and give someone a fortune ribbon!

They are still there! And what could be better to give away than a gift that will make someone in the Netherlands and in Brazil happier?

The idea is simple: we have cards with 1, 2 or 3 lucky ribbons (for €15 or €25 or €50). You give such a ticket away to yourself or someone else. The proceeds go entirely to Power2Fly’s projects and thus… to children in Brazil who desperately need our help.

There is literally and figuratively a wonderful Brazilian story attached to the cards: tie a band around someone’s wrist, have them make a wish and when the band falls off the wrist, the wish is fulfilled. Feel free to order more than one: you can pass on another load of good luck. Send an email to:

Braziliaanse cadeaukaart

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