Newsletter November 2022

10 November 2022

The time has come: our accommodation is open!

What a special trip we made again. With a small group we left for Florianopolis at the end of September to open the new accomodation (and of course to enjoy a bit of beautiful Brazil). It took some doing to get the organisation up and running. Physical and mental demands were also made on us. But on Thursday the time had come: we saw with our own eyes what an impressive project we had all put together. An emotional moment! It gives confidence in the future that there are – in Brazil – so many committed people.

The accomodation is ready, but our work is far from finished, so all help remains welcome. Think about ongoing organisation (such as making sure enough children are present every day and that the adolescents stay hooked up) and a canopy so the solar panels can be installed.The playground still needs to be built, the vegetable garden established and then brainstorming about the dream of the future: vocational training for the follow-up group. Watch the video to enjoy our journey.

Video trip Brazil and opening

Philippe, from the ASAS board has taken some nice pictures with a drone

And then special few pictures of the beautiful coloured containers. This project was made possible by the efforts of Jeannette Hanenburg who gave colour workshops to raise money. This enabled the payment of Brazilian artist Augustin who painted the containers with the help of the children!


Of course, we will again organise a wonderful Christmas party for the children of ASAS. Take a quick look at the invitation below and join us. Transfer can be done via the following link

Sponsorship opportunities

What a nice idea again. A working young woman making earrings alongside her busy existence and making the proceeds available to Power2Fly. Great! With this, we raised almost 400 euros. Many thanks!

Another donor requested money for her party to support Power2Fly: “I already have enough and this way more people get to know this wonderful cause”.

We are wonderfully pleased with this kind of initiative. So if you also want to do something, let us know!

Successful sponsor dinner

For the biggest donors of the past two years, we held a sponsor dinner. To save costs, we did this at Annette’s home and prepared the dinner ourselves. During the drinks, attendees got an update on all the developments: we gave a presentation on the ups and downs of Power2Fly

The sponsor dinner was a huge success. Nice to see how people connected through a common goal: the children in Brazil. This evening was possible thanks to the help of three volunteers: Adrienne, Katrien and Taco. Many thanks!

Along for the ride?

Are you also interested in seeing Power2Fly’s work in Brazil? Let us know soon as there are a limited number of places available. It will probably be November 2023 and if people respond quickly, we can fix the date.
If you have any questions, please email

Support our projects, monthly, yearly?

Every form of support is very welcome to us. Brazil has become more expensive and there will be room for more children and young people in our new accommodation. So we will also need more financial scope. A nice idea is to support us monthly or yearly. Because we are an ANBI foundation, there are possibilities to make it tax deductible. Would you like to know more? Send an email to

Lucky cards: always special!

Order them now and give someone else a ribbon!

They are still there! And what is nicer to give away than a gift that makes someone in the Netherlands and in Brazil happier?

The idea is simple: we have cards with 1, 2 or 3 lucky ribbons (for €15, €25 or €50). You give such a card to yourself or someone else. The proceeds will go entirely to the projects of Power2Fly and thus… to children in Brazil who desperately need our help.

There is literally and figuratively a beautiful Brazilian story attached to the cards: tie a band around someone’s wrist, let that person make a wish and when the band falls off, the wish is fulfilled. Feel free to order more than one: then you can pass on a whole lot of happiness. Send an email to:

Braziliaanse cadeaukaart

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