Newsletter July 2020

14 July 2020

The Covid 19 pandemic (and its consequence)

Covid 19 messed up everyone’s plans in the world in March. And we still fight with all the consequences of Covid-19. Where are we now?

In the previous newsletter we wrote about our Intern Isadora, about the plans of our runners Sebas and Bas, but none of that has ended up. Isadora had to return head over heels and was fortunately back in the Netherlands in time before the borders closed. The events of Sebas and Bas have been postponed and we hope that they can continue later in the year. In Brazil, the borders were also closed and, just like here, life was also shut down.

Food packages

Just like that, ASAS also closed. This required flexibility from the board and employees on site. It quickly became clear that a lot of families would end up in total poverty, so Power2Fly and Wilde Ganzen provided donations for 4 months for all families. The packages consisting of shelf-stable food, fruits, cleaning products, masks, and if necessary, gas, are completed with a folder with crafts and/or games for the children, made by the orthopedagogue.
This time there were also sandwiches for the whole family, made by 2 volunteers

Of immense value

Therefore, not only material has been contributed, but the care with which the whole package has been put together, emotional support was also given. After all, support is not only the financial gesture, but also the care that is put into it.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us! Everyone should have received a personal thank you from a child.

What to do when everybody is locked down at home?
The employees did their best to make a motivational video for the children. A computer is usually not in the house and there is often a family member with a cellphone. Receiving such a video every time helps the children to get through time and keep moving. We have made a composition of these videos that you can watch below. Have a look!

Terrain: step by step

Despite the difficult times, the board of ASAS is working hard to get all the documents for the start of the construction. Prices have changed again due to Covid, so the budget plan had to be adjusted once more. The municipality is also busy cleaning up the mess of the cyclone (see below), so cleaning up the site is on the bottom. And as if they don’t have enough to do, attention is paid to every detail… even if you have in an “incorrect” size paper. But the good news is that steps are being taken and the papers can be delivered to Wilde Ganzen to hopefully confirm a new partnership.


As if the pandemic alone is not enough, Florianopolis was also hit by a cyclone last week. A lot of material damage, roofs flew in the air and people were without electricity for 1 to 2 days. Unfortunately, there were no candles for sale and since it is getting dark early at the moment, light is very important so that made things even more complicated. Fortunately, that is over and they can focus on daily life again.

Power2Fly in the spotlight: podcast

On Saturday, June 4th, Annette and Liduine were interviewed by Radio Mundo for a podcast. A number of positive reactions have already informed us that this has given them even more insight into the origins and the ins and outs of Power2Fly.
Interested? Please listen!

With many thanks to Menno and Ton from Radio Mundo.NL

Tikkie and Social Media

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Small organizations are urgently needed!

As Sara Kinsbergen, a scientist at Radboud University said last week during a webinar: Small organizations are urgently needed. Small organizations can make a lot of impact because they are so close to the source and because it is not a bulky device but more hands-on work. This offers a good opportunity for cooperation through shared passion, affinity and trust. As a result, there is room for input of ideas, but always with the idea that the whole is “owned” by the local partner and that they therefore always have the last word. Important for the donor is to know How their money is spent and that there is an open and transparent communication.

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